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Frequently Asked Questions

We strive for perfection when it comes to deliver the best IT products and services.

Not only that, we intend to revolutionize every industry we put our feet in.

As of now, InspireItaly is focused on managing two different projects.

Pianifiko: a highly performant productivity tool and task management web/app for companies of every kind, especially logistics and aeronautics. It’s used by members of the Leonardo Group.

InspireItaly is also creating a new web and mobile platform for tourism in Italy. Protected by an NDA, its secrecy will not allow us to reveal its details just yet. But those who work in the tourism industry and who jumped aboard this fast train can’t wait to use it to increase their annual revenue.

Our Mission

innovative & bespoke.

We bring light to a stagnated IT global industry. And we do it by putting Italy at the center of it all.

Our Team

The most fulfilling aspect of being part of this company is the human side of this job: we are creating new technologies that drastically improve our jobs and lives.
Matteo Russo

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